Monday, 18 June 2012

Tea Collection: Semi Annual Sale

Friday, 8 June 2012

Best selling Dog Carriers
Hey do you have a dog that you like to take with you where ever you go. I do. I take my chihuahua Charlie just about where ever I go as long as the weather is nice. I don't like to take him in the car if its to cold and I have to leave him.  I also don't take him in the car if its to hot. Of course you would never leave a dog in the car in the summer. The car can get so warm it feels like an oven. I have a boaster seat in the car for Charlie. He loves it. He can sit and see everything out the window.I got this booster seat for him after I heard someone say that they would never let your child travel in the car with out being in a booster seat or a baby seat or buckled in a seat belt why would you let your dog. A dog can be bounced around. I have a little dog that can be thrown off the seat if I brake suddenly. So after taking all this into consideration I decided to get a booster seat for my dog.
  Booster seats aren't the only kind of dog carriers that are available. Did you know that you can actually get pet strollers. That's right you can get a stroller to put your dog in and push them around like a baby. My friend has one for her dog. She puts the dog in the stroller and covers it with a blanket. She takes the dog into the shopping malls and restaurants in the stroller with no questions asked because everyone thinks its a baby sleeping in the stroller.
 There are many other kinds of pet carriers you can get. Check out my squidoo lens I made and see just how many different carriers you can get.